Cute & Cozy 3 bedroom..


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Oct 19, 2007
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I love B&W photos but never been good at taking them, I converted this old house but not sure if PP is good.. what do you think? good, bad, what should be done to make it look better..

I love old houses.

The photo seems a little flat to me. Maybe add some more contrast?
Thanks guys.. I agree as well, I was trying to adjust the snow on the roof from blending into the sky.. I will repost..
Did you meter off the sky and recompose? Anyway here is some shadow highlight, levels and noise added just to recover the sky a bit and give it the old time look.


Hows this one, any better?

ls3d: I like the changes but I think I would prefer less grainyness..
This ones a tough one with the overcast sky along with snow.. maybe just needs to be re-shot on a better day...
Selective levels? You can adjust for some stuff but keep the siding and snow and all that contrasty but bump the exposure back up on the sky.
I like this shot, but it makes me want to see more...

Can you go back? I would like to see a close-up shot through one of the windows (like the bottom right one), with the snowy outdoors visible through an opposing window and the light illuminating the mostly dark, empty interior. I think that if you catch the light just right, the image might bring to mind an intimate, emotional realization that this was once a warm, cozy home to (probably) several generations of people. Black & white will be perfect.

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