D-40 w/2 lens or D-40x..better buy??


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Dec 28, 2007
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I recieved a nikon D-40 for X-mas (first SLR). By spending just $100 I can either get upgrade to the D-40x w/ 18-55 lens which is on sale this week, or return mine and pick up the bundle package at Circuit City that has the D-40 with the 18-55 and 55-200 lens.

Most of my photography is for leisure, lots of kid shots. I do like to try out and play around with different lens and filters and such though.

*I also have a couple of sigma lens (28-80 and 70-300) which I know I would have to use manually, but that's okay. Either way, I need to make a decision by Sat. before the sales are over. Any input is greatly appreciated.
the d40x only adds more megapixels and (i think) a faster burst frame rate.

stick with the d40
The burst rate is SLIGHTLY faster on the D40x in theory, in practice you won't notice... the X has higher megapixels, but that really doesn't matter... and it also has slightly worse high ISO performance than the D40.

Me, I would go for the two lens deal given the choice, assuming the 55-200 is the VR version. Watch that, a lot of the bundles have the older (and not as good) non-VR version.

I own a D40, kit lens and 55-200 VR, along with other high end equipment, so I have some experience with this camera and lens combo. It can take some really excellent images (assuming, of course, the person pointing it knows what he/she is doing).
the rebel xt

Or a stuffed duck. ;)

Stick with the 18-55mm for a while, what you really need is the Sb600 (really ;))! By the time the 18-55 is worn out and you are tired of the manual lenses you'll know what you want in a lens.

As far as the extra pixels, if you like to crop in post production (photoshop) then get the X, if you crop in camera then the regular D40 will do fine.


P.S. the Sb800 has a little more power and more ells and whistles but you were asking about pricing too and the 800 is $120 or so more expensive.
Thanks for all the responses!! I found the best of both worlds... I am trading up for the X (mainly because I do like playing around with photoshop and other programs and like the ability of printing something larger- doubt I would use it often, but nice to have), but nikon also has a promotion on lens bought with a kit until Dec. 31st. So for $200 I can "upgrade" to the D40x and snag a 55-200VR lens! Sounds like a deal to me!

Meanwhile, I will sit here impatiently waiting for Circuit City to open!!! :)

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