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Jun 7, 2008
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San Jose,Ca
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I am on my 2nd D300, the first one had the on off switch bad died 1/2 hr after I got it home.
Now the 2nd one was working fine till today uploaded some pictures to the computer and when i put the card back in took a couple of pictures and got the message bad card. I can see 1 picture with the exif data on it but when i try to advance to the next one i get the bad card message again ????
Hope this makes sense
reformat the card a few times?
Did that 3 times and tried 3 different cards 1 Kingston 8 gig and 2 Sandisk 4 gig
Thanks Troy
Are you reformatting in camera?

Sandisk has recovery software, a CD may have come with your card, if not, download from their website and run it.
Yes i am reformating in the camera. and i have the recovery software. But i don't think that is the issue But i will try that
Thanks kundalini
Just another thought......

Do you use a card reader or do you tether the camera via USB to upload to your computer? I've never used the USB cable myself and have always used a card reader.

If you tether, your camera battery has plenty of charge, yes?

Just for giggles, remove the battery and leave it out overnight or until you're ready to use the camera again.
I am using a card reader Stopped using USB cable per the advice on this forum.
I will try the battery thing. Also i did a 2 button reset on the camera
The 2 button reset won't do much more than reset some settings like AF-A/S/C, shutter, aperture, iso, etc to their defaults.

Hmm. If the error comes up with all of your cards, then your D300 much have an issue, not the cards. Do the cards read on your computer?
Man that sucks. Two problems in a row with the same(same model) camera. It's a good camera too, too bad you're stuck with the lemons.
Removing the battery overnight may not do much. There is a lithium battery inside the camera that has an approximate 30 day change that is there to preserve settings and what not in the case you pack the camera away for a longer period of time... and of course, also to preserve date time and time zone info every time you exchange batteries.

Do you have another CF card that you could try? Does it do the same on that card? Are you purchasing used D300s from perhaps an unreputable source?

I find it very hard to swallow that this could happen twice. D300's are traditionally rock solid.
:oops::oops: Man I hate to post this reply.

First of all I bought the camera from Wolf Camera. Bought 1 Sandisk card from Best Buy, and 1 New and unopened from Craigslist and 1 Kingston online
The card reader from Frys Electronics. Apparently when I transferred some pictures to the PC one of the pins on the reader bent and nicked the card so when it put the card back in the camera it bent one of the pins on the camera. Man do I feel stupid. Any way Wolf is going to take care of me and I pickup my 3rd D300
and they said that they would take care of the cards for me also. Pretty good customer service.
So I went out and bought a new reader which is a better made reader (cards fit much tighter no slop)

sounds like you got taken care of. nice.
So I went out and bought a new reader which is a better made reader (cards fit much tighter no slop)
There are a lot of products that fit that description. I usually use the reader built into the side of my monitor. :lmao:

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