D3X cat @ 800 & 1600iso

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    you might have guessed I like my D3X, admittedly its very unforgiving at times, I wasted a glorious afternoon on my one day out a week by not taking into account i was less than 100% when down with the flu,, didnt have the confidence to boost iso to compensate and as a result very little to show for it. However having seen these results, will be fairly comfortable shooting at 400-800 and 1600 when i need to, and higher when circumstances warrant. These were taken during a coffee break, with fairly unhelpful camera shy subjects. Not sure how the D3 compares, but noise for me is low enough not to worry? let me know what you think?.

    check out the cat shots under D3X 180mm f2.8 section

    or directly
    image lniks to 1600iso version


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