D40x or D70? Same price. Same condtion.


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Nov 23, 2008
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My parents agreed to buy me a DSLR for my bday (lots of begging can go very far :lol:) they said keep it under 300 and that i have to help pay for it (I have 80 bucks right now. im sure ill get more for my birthday, and some for my Confirmation)

so, i have held and used both cameras(d40x and d70) (I was so exited when I got to use the D40x, who knew that one of Nikon's cheapest cameras could make me so happy...but then again it had 1200 dolalrs in extras on it.....(grip, flash, and lens) I got to use it indoors at a basketball game while the owner used the restroom and outdoors when the owner had

The D70, I used for a chounsler at a camp I went to, she wanted me to get picture of people Kissing Clyde and Sammy (a dear and a fish, you kiss them when you get a letter)

I dont care about megapixels, for the d40x, its just one of the cheapest Used/refurbished cameras on Adorama and B&H. Its more than enough for anything ill ever NEED, and if not ill have a few crappy images that i can still use. But then it only auto-focuses with certain lenses.....

D70- doesnt shoot in uncompressed raw (from the one on B&H said)
But if I crop a lot out of a picture, it has less megapixels to make up for it. I have a 4MP P&S that is not at all good at cropping out much more than an inch or two off. (Kodak EAsyShare CX6445)
Could be different on the D70...i dont know....i only shot it, not looked at the pictures, cropped, edited, and printed them out.

I like shooting sports, macro, landscapes (I dont get many, but when i get the chance ill make sure its a good one) and ocasionaly portraits. So far, i dont need any new lenses for my photography, but once football season comes around....ill need a new lens :(

Thanks in advance
definatley get the d70 if theyre the same pricee...

youll be much happier with its extra features. the d40x is wayy to "amatuer" IMO. the Rebel XTI is much better IMO for the same price
D70, however, what lens are you getting?
By far, the D70 wins. More AF points, CF support, CLS, twice the shutter life, durability, and most of all, and in body AF motor makes it the winner.
I'd definitely recommend a D70 or D70s. As it is I have one for sale now. Just ordered my D90 which will be here Friday so the D70s is going up for sale.

Let me know what you are planning to spend. D70s has a few nice features over the D70 like a bigger screen and remote cord plug thingy.

PM me if you are interested. I can get you pictures of the D70s Friday when my D90 gets here. You can also see the type of pictures I've taken with the D70s through the link in my sig.
D70 ... I will even a choose a D50 if available for lower cost than a D40/D40x.
D70, however, what lens are you getting?

Well.....as of right now, I have no set plans on getting a lens.

I have two lenses right now, a 35-105mm f/3.5 and an 80-200 f/4. Both are manual focus, the 35-105 has less of a forgivness, focus has to dead on, on my 80-200 i can have it focused to infinity and get a distinguishable picture from anywere from 20 feet and further.

I think for my first AF lens im going to get a Nikon 50mm f/1.8 or a Sigma or Nikon 70-300 f/4-5.6....and if possible with VR.
I think for my first AF lens im going to get a Nikon 50mm f/1.8 ....

If that it the case, in order to use the AF with that lens, you need to go with D70. AF will not work with the D40/D40x/D60.
thank you all for helping me....now all I have to do is hope the D70 isnt sold by the time my birthday comes around....

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