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Discussion in 'Nikon Cameras' started by ManuelGuerra, Feb 12, 2018.

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    The differences of the D750 and D600 is similar to the D600 and D7000 you have.
    The vertical buttons on the left are in a different order and the top right buttons by the release are slightly different. And the thumb buttons for AF lock and that area.

    • When I had just the D7000 I had the button layout with no problems without even looking.
    • When I added the D600 the 2 bodies are very close in size, etc and I was constantly hitting the wrong buttons - primarily the ISO and zoom in/out to look at an image.
    • When I had only the D600 I had no problem with button layout.
    • I then had the D750 and D600 together and was also hitting the wrong buttons. I reprogrammed the D750 video button to ISO. So only zoom I confused.
    • I then added a D500 (pro DX) which has a totally different button layout. So no confusion without looking. Loved the lit buttons though - when it's dark the buttons light up.
    But using a D7200 with the D750 now and once again .. if I don't look at the buttons I can get them mixed up.


    I loved having two FF cameras when I 2nd weddings. one with a 80-200/2.8 the other with a 24-85/2.8-4 lens. perfect combo. But I stopped doing that and couldn't justify having 2 FF .. so I don't know why I added the Pro DX .. but I sold that after a while for luckily more than I bought it for.

    The D750 is a great camera .. with a couple annoyances. Such as when you hit the ISO button the rear LCD lights up with a menu that you can just simple ignore.

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    I recently owned and used both the D600 & D800. Decided to sell one to help my bank grow since I didn't need two bodies. Sold the D600. It's a great camera for sure. But I did prefer the D800 as the keeper.
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    I feel the same, exact way: the 39-point AF module in the D610 underperforms, compared to the 51-point AF system in the D800. The D610 was a letdown to me (used to the D3x and its 51-point AF module). The D3x and D800 both use the same AF module, and both have strong, 51-point AF systems.
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    A second D600 has a lot of PROs and very few CONS.


    1) dirt cheap for what she can do
    2) identical control layout to the D600 ;-)
    3) batch editing over both cameras with large sets of pictures


    The fifth generation cameras are so darn good in all the stuff the D600 sucks at (I used her professionally on a daily basis for 4 years, I know her inside out. Great piece of hardware & I used her professionally on a daily basis in parallel to the D500 for one and a half years until I got the D850 which smokes the D600 but not the D500, these are next to even).

    So if you manage to shell out the money for the D500 at least you get all the benefits plus:

    ISO up to 20.000 perfectly usable
    Never before seen in a Nikon AF-Performance
    Never before seen in a Nikon WB-Performance
    10 frames per second professional sports shooter
    gripped you get battery longevity to dream of
    gripped you get ergonomics better than the D5 (yes, I used the D5 long enough to know!)
    XQD blasting memory performance and buffer size
    Very silent operation
    Combination of DX & FX in your setup, so two "meanings" to every lens you own

    Try to catch a sale on her or find her used. I recommend this shop: Nikon D500 Digital SLR Camera Body (Kit Box) to compare prices at least
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