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Jan 24, 2014
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大田, South Korea
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I took some photos today that came out as unreadable files and folders with a bunch of symbols for the names. I should note that I did some chimping so the files were on the card at some point. It was my slot 2 card that the files were saved to as overflow. No recovery program has worked. The photos that I took before today were unaffected. Anyone have an answer to what happened?
Are they by any slight chance raw files that you don't have software to read?
Did you delete photos using the camera's delete function?
That often screws up the FAT (File Allocation Table) such that the image file headers can't be read.
They are raw files, but I can read every other raw file on the card. I did not delete these files. Not sure if the issue was saving into slot 2 or the card.
All files recovered using a deep scan. Not sure what the issue was.

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