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Nov 20, 2014
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Last week I updated the firmware on my D7100 and just ran through some images since the update. The info on the update said that it addressed linear noise issues in video taken with the camera. I was hoping that it might also help with linear noise in still images. I'm happy to report that after the update, linear noise, or "banding" has been greatly reduced in still images. I recommend that anyone that has this body and tends to push their shadows in PP, update as soon as you can, it finally gives the camera the low light recovery I was looking for when I purchased this body.
Thanks for the tip. I have a D7100 and haven't updated it at all. I'll check this out.
Any further comments about the D7100 firmware update reducing banding?
I just ran the update last night. Haven't had a chance to try it out yet. But I'm going to be shooting my son's volleyball tournament tomorrow in a high school gym, so I may have to crank up the iso. If I see any differences, I'll post an update.
How do I do an update on a D7000?
I was supposed to do it a while back but didn't know how!?
Usually you download the firmware, copy it to your memory card, turn your camera on, go to Firmware Version in the setup menu and choose update. It'll show you a progress bar and then ask you to turn it off and on when it's done.

Thanks for the heads' up. I installed it the other day.
Thank you MrNats,
Ahhhh, give me a minute to find my translation book...
Ok, think I got it.
Now will look up where the firmware is? Online I guess..

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