D7200 test with my live in test dummy / model


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Aug 24, 2013
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Just a few shots of the little one. As always C&C is most welcomed. I know the background is a little distracting but the little one was not willing to obey...

Nikon D7200
Sigma 50mm macro 3.0
ISO 400
shutter 320

50mm @ RHys -1.jpg RHys -2.jpg RHys -3.jpg RHys -4.jpg f3.0
Couple of B&W conversions again C&C RHys  bw-1.jpg RHys  bw-2.jpg
My two cents worth - If the little one doesn't want to play fair, put the camera away. If he's your little one there will be other opportunities.
Try getting him when he's totally engaged in something and he doesn't notice that you have the camera out. :D

P.S. This is theory - I'm the world's worst child photographer. ;)
at f/3.0 you are going to get a large portion of the child out of focus from a lack of Depth of Field.
I'm not sure if that was the intent.

f/5.6 is a good general starting point that I use with people.

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