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Sep 23, 2010
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New Nikon 50mm AF f1.8. If aperture ring not locked in f22, then fE E message in manual mode. Is the aperture ring not supposed to be used manually or do you have to use the command dials only even in manual mode. Tried reseating lens several times with ring in locked position, but same issue. Also have the same issue with Sigma 50mm EX DG macro. I am almost sure the first time I mounted the nikon lens, that I was able to manually rotate the ring without the error message, but maybe I just thought I did. Explanation please.
Keep the aperture ring at F22. The camera will control it using the camera's internal computer. It must stay locked at F22. Whatever you're readout in your view finder or top view says is the aperture you're using.
Thanks. ?- Why do they even put the aperture ring on the lens if it cannot be used manually? Is it for backwards compliancy with non af camera bodies?
not non-af, but older cameras that don't have aperture control in the camera body. Most modern cameras do I'm pretty sure. I know my mom's Minolta circa '92 does.
Thanks all. I am at peace now!!

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