D90 for sale $700


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Aug 18, 2010
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Almost brand new D90 body only. Bought it less than 3 weeks ago. Less than 500 shutter release. I post it on local craigslist for more but selling it cheaper for families on TPF.

And yes I am getting the D7000. :thumbup:
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sorry man but on ebay for 100 more i can get a d90, lens, cleaning kit, etc . i think your a BIT steep for just a body.
I'm just posting price from what I seen on craigslist around my area. People are selling their body only for around $650 for a year or two old D90. I priced mine for less than a month old D90 for $700 with less than 500 shutter release. I don't think my price is unreasonable at the time. I haven't even check the if the price had dropped down even more but I rather keep this camera and get another camera instead if the price dropped down that low.

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