Daisy on the Rocks (2-piece swimsuit but not particularly revealing)


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Aug 10, 2017
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Swimsuit shoot on the rocks by the lake, September 2018. Most of the images from this day didn't turn out the way I'd hoped, but this one, one of the ones the model asked me to edit, I thought came out looking descent; less as a sexy bikini image and more as more generic portraiture.

The cropping to put the model off center is intentional (using rule of 3rds), as I felt the crashing waves made for a nice backdrop. One version is cropped to show her hand on her leg, the other is narrower to put more emphasis on the waves. Personally I think the narrower one looks better but I'm curious what others think.

f-stop is 4.5, speed is 1/800s, ISO is 100, and EV is -0.3. Heavily edited for contrast and saturation, plus a bit of highlight reduction.

What do you think?

DSC03348 (CntP75 HltM10 ClrP40) (cropped 3.5) by El Nico, on Flickr

DSC03348 (CntP75 HltM10 ClrP40) (cropped 2.5) by El Nico, on Flickr
I think even with this type of shot you need to ensure the horizon is straight. It just knocks the whole frame out imo.
I think that frame 1 - B is the better of the two. more of the model is shown, and a slight bit more of the environment is shown as well.

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