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Aug 15, 2006
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lol, I'm sorry but, I don't have any real input on this one at this time after the ban the user above you spree I went on last night I find your timing absolutely hilarious.
??? What on earth are you talking about?


posts 4797-4805, I made a Hoover dam reference joke wich spiraled into a pile of dam, damn and Damme use in posts by me and the others and then the following morning you posted a photograph of the Hoover dam.:lmao:

It's a great shot, National Landmarks like that are tough to really do anything with not only due to it's size but the number of people that flock to it every year taking pictures. I do like the photo as I have seen hundreds of pictures of it but I have not seen many of it from the pov from the tail bay. My Brother in law used to drive Route 93 prior to the restrictions to truck transport over the dam, so I have herd all sorts of interesting talk of the view and whatnot about it and have a bit of a fasination with it.

If you ever get the oppertunity grab a night shot from there, that should prove rather stunning.

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