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Oct 19, 2005
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glendale, ca
a brain teaser! im trying to upgrade from a nikon n65 to a pro 35mm slr because i love film and you can do way more with it than digital ( ;) ).

my tribulation is which camera to get. im looking heavily into canons because i have a fetish for how they look. im looking into the canon eos 1n, the eos elan 7 ne but before i make any decision i'd like to know what other cameras are good for someone who knows what he's doing, and does experimental work/portraiture, but doesnt want to sell his car and refinance his house to get a good camera. i understand that lenses are a prime prime prime factor in a good setup but so is the body and thats what i'm looking for right now.

to keep this thread on the photography images topic, ill put this picture. its a double exposed negitive from my n65 of my girlfriend which is on top of my car after i got in a wreck :). thanks for any help.

Well the obvious question...what lenses do you have for your N65? If it's anything more that one cheap kit lens, why not stick with Nikon?

The Canon Pro bodies (EOS 1 series and EOS 3) are made to take the rigors or pro work. They are built like tanks and are sealed against the elements. Sure they have all the features, but if you don't need a tank...then I'd look more towards an EOS ELAN (7n is the newest one). It should have most the features of the pro bodies but won't cost an arm and a leg.
ja. thats one i was looking for.

i just have a tamron 3.5-5 28-80mm. it sucks.

its not that i want to switch to canon, or that i want to stick with nikon or anything like that.
I shot with a canon elan 7N, I too liked it very, very much. I highly recommend it.

I really like the photograph as well.
cool shot and cool name too!!!! i like where you chose to have the glass

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