Dark spots on LCD screen


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Mar 29, 2009
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Help! I was using my Camera in the Sun today, and It was really hot!
Then I noticed that there were dark spots on the LCD screen which I can only see when there is reflection from the sun and when the Screen is just Black.. When I look at pictures using the LCD screen I don't see it..

When I checked the LCD screen it looks like its coming from the outer part of the screen, not the main LCD which shows the picture..


It doesn't really look this bad! I used flash so it looks worst than it is in this picture

Hope you guys can help me!
I was wondering if this can be from the heat? it doesn't really bother my shots, I just hate it when nothings on the screen and the sun hits the LCD
wow.... your camera has a pox. Did it commit some sin against the gods or something recently? Sheesh.

Can you post a larger picture of it? I'd be curious to see that at full resolution.

I suppose you could have burst the liquid crystal in the display or something, but I've never heard of that except when you actually break the display itself. (like crack it) I also have NO idea about the mechanics of this stuff... I'm sure someone on here is smarter about this stuff than I am.
its diseased. Id recomend burning it. lol

dont burn it.....id cry if you did. lol

Uhm...it might be a leak in thee liquid crystal...my brother has a black spot on his Zune, but the screan is cracked on the zune...did you do anything to jar the LCD enough to do anything like that?

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