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Apr 29, 2010
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Pensacola, FL
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I have a multi racial house. My oldest son is half AA and half white, my other two children are half Mexican and half white (I hate saying half this and that, but....) so I have experience with other skin tones, but I'm having a hard time with this little girl.
She is not dark skinned, nor light skinned, just in between.

Yes, I know I missed focus..


and a "vintage" edit





Did you edit the eyes?
My god she has big puppy eyes, lol.

I like #2, but the rest don't do anything for me. Good job on the vintage edits. It looks like a photograph straight out of the 70's.

The focus is the main issue. Are you auto or manually focusing? I don't like the crop on the first one. It's neither tight enough nor wide enough. Either show the whole head, hair and all, or show just the facial features (eyes, nose, mouth).

My only complaint with the second one is I would have prefered to see less behind her and more in front of her. That also would have avoided cutting off her legs at the knees.
Her eyes are HUGE!
The only thing I did was a bit of eye pop (color) but you cant even tell because her eyes are so dark.
I think you did ok with the skin here, she looks natural and everything. Er... its the focus that you need to work on, but you know that. :)

I would love love love #3 if it was crisper. It's ok in the vintage-type edit, I spose, but the other one, maybe not. Her eyes... love them.

No need to "eye pop" the eyes, I think, because I have the same-ish color eyes as her and I've never been able to tell the difference on the ones I edited eyes and the ones I didn't on the few pathetic self-portraits I've attempted. :) If your method does make a difference, though, I guess go for it...

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