Darkroom Equipment. Some Free. Some for Sale.

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    Hello All,
    Please read the descriptions below carefully and note that most of what is on offer is very large. You'll need a lot of space to accomodate it and some serious effort to move it. Also, DO NOT respond if you cannot arrange to have things picked up in Brooklyn NY.
    I'm moving out of my Brooklyn loft at the end of March and will have to downsize my darkroom. I will have access to the space until late April to arrange for pickups. There are some things I'd like to sell and others I'll be offering for free to anyone willing to pick them up. Most of this came from "Q Labs" in Manhattan.
    I can send images to anyone seriously interested.

    You can reply to this posting or contact me at ueberaffe@yahoo.com

    Free Stuff:

    -Sink. Made of wood and fiberglass the interior dimensions are 97" X 32.5". Though the sink functions well, it could use a new coat of resin on the bottom and it's not going to win any beauty contests. Weighs a ton.

    -Rocking Shelf System. This alows you to leave things agitating in trays while you work. Also wood and fiberglass, 106" (almost 9 feet!) in length with three staggered tiers, this system is in great working order. It is mounted to the top of the sink's backsplash but I suppose it could be retrofitted to another mount. The motor sits on the floor under the sink. The rocking cycle takes about 7 seconds. Also really, really heavy.

    -Electric Drying Cabinet. The power cord on this cabinet is faulty and must be replaced but I the dryer works. The exterior dimensions are H=66” W=31” D=26”. Made by Pako.

    -Cabinet, countertop and shelving unit with built-in light box and safe lights. It’s difficult to describe but this unit is a good organizer with a lot of shelf space for paper and a countertop work-surface with both safe lights and work lights overhead. The dimensions are: W=98” H=72” D=24”. The unit can be disassembled… with effort.

    For Sale:

    -8X10 Elwood motorized enlarger with pin-registration. Comes with two El Nikor lenses: 210mm and 150mm. This beast was probably made in the 1940s. The parabolic head is in very good condition. The gear which runs the focusing bellows is missing a couple of teeth… it still does its job but it’s a little rough and should be replaced. Also comes with a gralab timer and a constant voltage regulator. $200.

    -Stainless Steel Developing Trays. I have seven 30”X40” trays (actual dimensions 31”X41”) and am asking $50 each or $300 for all 7. I also have six 24”X30” trays (actual dimensions 25.5”X33”) and I’m asking $30 each or $150 for all 6. Please note that some of the 24”X30” have a flared lip while others do not.

    -Stainless and Wood Table. This is basically a sturdy wooden base with a stainless cap on the top and top edges. Dimensions: H=35.5” W=60” D=48”. This can also be disassembled. $150.

    -Stainless work table with under-shelf and backsplash… 30” X 30”. This is a standard heavy duty kitchen work table in good condition. $75.

    Contact: ueberaffe@yahoo.com


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