DBGallery: Photo Database 2.7 Released

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    I've just updated my photo database software. If you haven't tried it yet this is the version to start with. The new installation procedure is a breeze. If you're wondering what DBGallery is, check out it's tutorial videos at here. It's homepage also has a quick overview simply by rolling over the thumbnail images.

    I'd especially love feedback from anyone here at ThePhotoForum who uses it.

    v2.7 is a fundamentals update:
    [∙] Vastly easier database installation.
    [∙] Faster thumbnails display.
    [∙] Improved viewer which now has slideshows and a better look.
    [∙] Improved Windows integration, offline support improvements, etc.

    See http://www.grrsystems.com/DBGallery/RecentUpdates.htm for a complete list of updates.

    A copy of the software can be gotten at http://www.grrsystems.com/DBGallery/download.htm

    Best Regards,
    Glenn Rogers [Shutterpoint photo portfolio]
    Designer of DBGallery: The Photo Database System


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