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    I've released a new version of DBGallery last week. Significant improvements include:
    - Excellent read and write support for IPTC/XMP data.
    - A greatly improved thumbnail view window.
    - Four QuickInfo cards instead of just one.
    - A data field history window.

    They are all listed on the recent updates page, most with a screenshot for a quick look.

    What this software does is allow you to search based on existing Exif and IPTC data, or data keyed via DBGallery, generate reports, create buckets of photos, easily find and send photos via email, track stock agency sales, any many other goodies useful to people like those on this forum. See it's features overview, visit it's homepage, or go to it's download page.

    Support is free if you want to give it a try. Let me know if you have any questions. (grogers @

    Best Regards,
    Glenn Rogers, PMP
    Designer of DBGallery: Photo Organiser
    Stock Portfolios:


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