dealing with film while on an extended trip


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Jun 5, 2003
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I am planning a year long round-the-world trip and plan on
documenting it all on film, of course! It has been recommended to me
to take approximately 1 roll of film/2 days. (Any other
recommendations?) Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to deal
with my developed film? Is it best to send it home to the US in an X-
ray bag every now and again or develop it myself and then send it?
Or should I carry everything? I like taking slides. Basically, any suggestions regarding anything having to do with film while carrying only a backpack for a year is much appreciated.


Film, unless it's very high speed (1600+), will not be affected by an xray machine.
The X-ray machine used for screening checked bags WILL.

I would assume the mail goes thru the same machines
Find out if Fed-Ex x-rays all their stuff...I don't think they do. I think that you can get special tags to but on x-ray sensitive packages so that they won't screen them...customs will instead open your packages.

Only send from 'friendly' countries. Packages sent from 'unfriendly' places seem to disapear more often and coustoms is tighter.

1 roll per two days seems low. Some days you may take no pictures at all, but other days you may take 5-6 rolls.

Where are you going exactly?

What kind of camera will you take? Id recomend two...a cheap point and shoot and a nice one. Small cheap cameras are great for pictures of nights out and pictures of friends and are much easier to deal with then big, expensive cameras.
I think that 1 roll of film for every 2 days won't be enough. You'll be buying film on your trip(if available) and miss some good shots.

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