Dear Daddy, he will keep you safe


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Sep 19, 2011
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Some pictures I took of a gift my son had back home that my wife and him sent me :)

Hope you all enjoy

shot with Point and shoot insignia digital camera

Dear Daddy, He will keep you Safe

As a retired military veteran, I understand the emotion and intent behind this picture but an explicit title does not make the pictures work. These are memory pictures for the family but as artistic images they don't work for me.

The first has too much non-contributing space, too much sun-glare and the person is way underexposed. If it is meant to be a silhouette the actual center of interest is tiny compared to the entire image and the meaning as expressed by the title is too far and too grand for the actual picture.

The second has the same exposure issues and his head is cut off with no artistic reason to do so.

Best wishes for his safe return.

I won't comment on the quality of the photo but the image itself touched my heart. I can feel the emotion that you must have felt opening this gift from someone so precious to you. I hope this gift does keep you safe and you will be returning to your son shortly. And THANK YOU for your service to our country.


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