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Decided to try my hand at Astrophotography


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Jun 23, 2015
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Petawawa, Ontario
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My first image was really only to see if I could even get an image at all. Minimal effort was put into it. Literally 20 minutes before work I saw a clear sky and took about 30 images and got this.

Orion by Trevor Baldwin, on Flickr

The second one I wanted to see how much I could improve. The weather has been pretty overcast and raining but this morning (02:35) the sky was mostly clear.
Got as much data as I could before the fog and clouds came in. I'm happier that I have some colour detail in this one. I learned a bit more about how to post process this morning so that's always good.
Now I just need a clear sky to get more data.
Canon 7DmkII with a Canon 70-200mm F4, tripod, no tracker (yet). Bortle 3 sky.
1 sec ,F4, ISO 1600, @ 200MM. Cropped 40%.
113 lights, 50 darks, 50 bias, 50 flats.
Stacked in Starry Sky Stacker, Post in PS.

Orion by Trevor Baldwin, on Flickr

Overall I'm decently happy with these results. With more time and patience I know I can do more.
Alway open to tips from those with more experience.
Great results for being so new to this! I'd be thrilled with these. Glad you're happy with them - you should be!
sweet! i do some astrophotography (i try to anyway) LOL. where are you shooting from?
i have a lot of light pollution where i'm shooting dark sky's are at a premium! lol.
I have pretty decent skies here. Bortle 0/1 within a 40 minute drive. I'll take advantage of them once I've gotten the hang of it.
Beware! I watched a friend become addicted. He started out like you, now he has his own little observatory complete with a sliding roof on rollers and custom built equipment that I'm clueless as to function.

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