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Oct 3, 2016
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Good Evening, everyone! Over the past couple weeks I've picked up three "vintage" tripods from local estate sales. Each is used (obviously) but in very, very good condition! I'm thinking of selling two or all three, but would like to perhaps keep one. And that's where you guys come in.

First, I'm a weekend warrior when it comes to photography. You know, the SLR comes out for holidays, parties, when the kids have an event, etc. I'm not out there taking mass photos or trying to run a business off my photography. So, a simple tripod is probably all I need.

So, here are the choices:
  1. Welt Safe Lock Professional 3-Way Control (PT-3). The age on this is unknown.
  2. Tiltall Leitz tripod with brass leg locks. Age is a later-Leitz.
  3. Velbon VS-3 tripod, made in Japan. Age is 25+ years.
I'll attach a few photos to give you guys an idea of what I'm looking at - and my dilemma.

I'd appreciate any thoughts or guidance you might have.


Plano, TX
003a.Three Tripods Full Extension.jpg
003c2.Welt SafeLock Professional (PT-3).jpg

003d.Tiltall Leitz (formerly 4602).jpg

003d2.Tiltall Leitz (formerly 4602).jpg

003e.Velbon VS3 (25y+).jpg


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Dec 4, 2008
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I use to have a Tiltall, it was a very steady tripod (had a 4x5 on that thing with no problem), and very solid mechanisms ... hmm, not sure why I got rid of it.

I would keep that over those other two.
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Dec 4, 2011
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I'm partial to the Velbon. I'm still using my VS-3 several times per year, ever since I bought it at Target about 1977 or so. Back then, it was a 'cheapo' tripod. I think I paid less than $25 for it. It's sturdy, and built like a tank. I also appreciate the screw 'feet' that can be screwed back to reveal a small spike. I bought a screw clamp for mine several years ago when I wanted to put my 60D with an L bracket on it on the tripod. I now put my gripped 5Diii with L bracket and bracket-mounted flash with a medium zoom lens and it's more than sturdy enough for my needs. Back in my 35mm SLR days, I had a bracket that screwed to the tripod like a camera and it allowed 2 SLRs to be mounted side by side...almost a necessity for photographing trains (my main hobby) to get wide angle and telephoto shots. Surprisingly, the high end SLRs of old were smaller and lighter than todays' high end DSLRs...go figure.

Yes, there's lighter and sturdier tripods out there, but as a hobby photographer, it's more than sufficient for my needs. But...if I were planning to backpack into some place with a tripod, I'd find something lighter weight.

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