1. Flavio

    Benro GoPlus with Vanguard Alta BH-250

    Hello, I need a good tripod to do mostly nature and outdoor macro photography. After some research, I'm thinking of getting the Benro GoPlus (aluminium) legs and the Vanguard Alta BH-250 ball head to go with it. Does anyone know if this two are compatible? Anyone has any experience with this...
  2. Goblue76

    Tripod Issues

    :confused-55: Tripods For Tall People :confused-55: I am 76” tall, and I’m really struggling to find a middle of the road tripod and ballhead, that I don’t have to be on my knees to utilize. I have back issues, so bending down to see the viewfinder is difficult. I really would like to stay...
  3. Kaiser99

    First Time poster , Lighter tripod recommendation.

    Hello all, firstly I'd like to say that I'm a little sore from a previous workout, so that may be influencing me at the moment, but that besides the point. Today, on a bargain, I picked up a Bogen 3035 tripod with a 3047 head. This is a beautiful tripod but almost prohibitively heavy...
  4. petrochemist

    Ultra large tripod threads?

    I tried to use my second large format camera tonight, and met an unexpected hitch, the tripod mounting screw is for a bigger thread than 3/8-16. It looks to be about 1/2" diameter does anyone know what thread this would be?
  5. M

    What Tripod should I get for my Canon 5dsr

    I need a nice tripod but there is very limited choice in the country I live. Benro-KH-25 is one of the choices, i was told by the shopkeeper to get this one. is this the correct choice.
  6. J

    Favorite lightweight travel tripods?

    Hi all! I just remembered about... forums! I'm going on a canoe trip and want to do some landscape and night photography, and I'm looking for your recommendations on your favorite lightweight tripods that are study enough for a Nikon d850 + 24-70mm lens. Thanks so much and I appreciate any...
  7. J

    Will a Manfrotto Fluid Video Head fit on Vanguard 264AT Legs?

    Hello All, I have a Manfrotto quick release plate on my glidecam 2000. But switching from my glidecam to my tripod is difficult because I must switch bases due to my tripod being a different brand. I was hoping to be able to get a Manfrotto fluid head for my vanguard legs. This would allow me...
  8. P

    Tripod for a big camera 5d mark 3

    i'm looking to invest in a quality tripod that'll last me quite a few years so I'll be able to spend a decent amount on one. I need a sturdy one that can hold a big camera like a camera 5d mark 3. I may throw in some big lenses when I shoot still images or make cinematic videos. I don't know...
  9. V

    desktop tripod for macro photography

    Hi all. I have an a6000 and I recently got their 30mm macro lens and I want to do some flower photography with it. The problem is that my hands shake so I need a tripod that I can put on my dining room table and will let me get very close to the table. I saw some of the ball joint looking...
  10. birdbonkers84

    Tripod for Wildlife Photography

    I normally shoot hand held or with a bean bag, but recently I've been toying with the idea of learning to shoot with my lens+body attached to a tripod. I recently tried it on my current tripod, but found with the weight of the D7100+Tamron 150-600, that the collar felt flimsy. I use this...
  11. T

    Does anyone know what is the diference betwen these tripod Dolica gx600B200 and the Dolica ax620b100

    I want to know the diference betwen the dolica gx600b200 and the dolica ax600b100
  12. dirtdiver38

    WTB/WTT Jobu Design DMG-HD4 Gitzo Ball head

    I'm looking to trade+ cash for a Jobu DMG-HD4. The Gitzo is brand new...won it at a club raffle ticket prize. Comes with two new Gitzo base plates. Open to offers. Rick
  13. Samuel.z

    Landscape Tripods

    My tripod just broke and now i am here without a tripod. I used a cheap one but it worked well and was pretty steady. but as expected it broke after 6 months and then i got a used Manfrotto Compact Action aluminium tripod with hybrid head for free. The Manfrotto tripod was not really steady so...
  14. joshuatdlr

    Aluminium or Carbon Fiber?

    I am in the market for a new travel tripod, I found one that I think is really good. It is compact and has a good load capacity. The problem for me is that there are two types, carbon fiber and aluminium. Naturally the aluminium is cheaper and heavier, but I am having a hard time finding a real...
  15. J

    What is this?

    Hi I'm new here and I found this(Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet) tripod in someone's garbage and decided to take it, in the box was this thing with a ball joint on one end and a claw on the other, pictures below. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Imgur: The most...
  16. Superka

    Choosing tripod for landscape photography. The main point to concern.

  17. tshusker

    Decisions, Decisions ... Which Tripod To Keep

    Good Evening, everyone! Over the past couple weeks I've picked up three "vintage" tripods from local estate sales. Each is used (obviously) but in very, very good condition! I'm thinking of selling two or all three, but would like to perhaps keep one. And that's where you guys come in...
  18. B

    I want to make more dynamic shots, what slider and tripod should I get.

    I want a relatively cheap but sturdy slider and tripod. My budget is 200-350 for both, I want to use them to make videos of my aquarium, some from 3-4 feet away and some from up close to try to film detailed shots of the critters living in the sand. I also want to film the aquarium from the...
  19. TriggerLoft

    Is the Optex T265 a good tripod

    I bought this tripod for 30$ off Kijiji, I was just wondering if this is a good tripod so I can make decisions on purchasing my next tripod.
  20. S

    Feisol CT-3472 Tripod (Carbon Fiber- 66lb rated)

    Looking to sell a brand, haven't even touched it yet Feisol CT-3472 (... they made me touch it, but only for a second). Only selling to purchase CT-3372. Prefer 3 section legs instead of 4 (just personal preference. Here's a link: FEISOL CT-3472 Elite Rapid Carbon Fiber Tripod CT-3472 B&H Photo...