1. nerwin

    Old Tractor

    I saw this while on my walk today. I don't bring my camera, although I probably should. 7 mile round trip, I don't have a good bag to carry a camera that long of a distance. But I'm VERY happy with my Google Pixel 7.
  2. G

    Rural Girl

  3. RacePhoto

    3D Anaglyph Images

    Just adding something, maybe to bring out the subject in a general way? I bought some scans from a guy in the UK. Vintage images. Is what I created from Interesting that the forum will not allow the tag 3D OK but it's in the subject and the text. Usually I do these from my own cards...
  4. 11suppakit

    How to edit photo's color look like these?

    i don't know what these photo type called, i'm a newbie for taking photo please help me out, How to edit photo look like these (i put in the link) in Photoshop or on iPhone and what it's called
  5. O


    procabin 67-z perfect condition, with 2 extra 6x6 slide carriers.. $425.00 obo
  6. RacePhoto

    Vintage Glass Negative - Help identifying anything?

    Some of the rest of the glass plates are Scio Ohio, late 1800s but there are two larger ones and this is one of them. Possibly no connection. More than concern for specific ID I wondered if anyone has any ideas about the Uniforms the girls are wearing? Hats, vests, notice skirts socks and shoes...
  7. enezdez

    "Sunset & Blue Hour At The Asbury Park Carousel Building..."

    "Sunset At The Asbury Park Carousel Building..." "Blue Hour At The Asbury Park Carousel Building..." Thanks For Looking & Cheers!, Enezdez
  8. S

    Old projector collectibles

    my parents bought a house In Rural Utah that used to be a theater in the mid 40s and still have the projectors is there somewhere I can learn how to use them or learn more about them thanks!
  9. A

    How to achieve so strong vintage/retro color effect, any presets or ideas?

    Interested about Your attitude to achieving at least some parts of this old photo effect?
  10. photoflyer

    Kodak No. 1 Series II camera

    I know this is not worth much but I thought I would share. Anyone have experience with these? It has been sitting around in the basement for a very long time and I finally took it out to have a look. Perfect working order though I don't have film to prove that. I think it is a family...
  11. X

    Is this fungus?

    Just got a Minolta XE-5 off Ebay today. When I removed the lens, this is what I saw on the mirror. I'm new to collecting and shooting vintage cameras so this is new to me. Is this just water damage? Is this fungus? What's the worse case scenario? I want to try and clean it but I'm afraid I would...
  12. Lee_Lee

    Newbie help

    I am brand new to photography and the style I am most inspired by is that of very old vintage photos. I found a random old photograph on the internet and needed help determining what type of film and camera would be best to take photos that resemble this style/vibe. ( see link )...
  13. P

    Mamiya Universal 65mm Lens Aperture Question

    Hi all, I just picked up a Mamiya 65mm for my Universal Press camera. When I set the aperture to wide open (f6.3) the blades in the lens do not open all the way, they appear to still be closed just a slight bit. I can't find any info online, but I found this video and the aperture on the lens...
  14. Arianor

    Hi, (I am a Vintage Photography lover)

    Hi everyone, So, I love taking picture and trying to make them as artistic as I can. I hope I can get better while exchanging in the forum. I am french half-spanish. And love to travel especially to tropical beaches^^. I love analog pictures, retro filter, french fashion from 20 to 60, old...
  15. rumblion

    How can I get a 70s vintage effect?

    I have a Canon AE-1 Program, it's my first camera and I don't really know so much about photography. This camera as I know was released at 1981 so I don't know if it's possible to get what I want. Having said that I want to recreate this kind of 70s vintage magazine photos...
  16. P

    How to achieve 60s color photography look?

    Hello! I'm a film photographer looking to recreate the look of early color photography from the 50s/60s The best way to describe it is high contrast, grainy, and colorful. Album covers from the 50s (attached) have this look. Is this technicolor? (1950's Album Covers) How can it be recreated...
  17. MariHarris

    Late for Clas

    Thank you for all the kind words on my last pic! :lovestruck: Here's another! :1247:
  18. Kschmid

    Creating a vintage feel

    This might go in another section but I'll ask it here. I have two film cameras and what I want to create it that 70's /80's feel to my pictures. If possible I'd like to do this without the help of aperture of photoshop. Now the question is, can I buy a certain type of film that will do this...
  19. V

    Are these collectible?

    I have some questions concerning two vintage pieces. Vivitar enlarger Honeywell Nikor 6x7 Anyone have any info? Value and where to sell? Thank you in advance Lyle
  20. G

    EOS or Vintage Canon ?

    I'm a pro wedding photographer but started in digital (dslr). Through the years, I've noticed that film camera may have some advantages in storing photos. Now, I would like to try film photography and choosing the right camera is overwhelming. I'm eyeing for Canon or Nikon due to vast...