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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by Lol999, Dec 8, 2006.

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    Hi all, considering getting a printer to convert to a b&w only machine either throught special inks or by dint of available black/grey cartridges. I'm basically looking at EITHER an Epson 870/1270 or a HP Photosmart 8150. I can't afford a new one so lets not get into Epson 2400 etc. A3 isn't a necessity but would be nice. My main stumbling block is the choice between HP or Epson.
    If I use the Epson I will buy Lyson quad black ink sets and use the custom ICC profiles. The HP has an optional Black/shades of grey cartridge and comes with good reviews for black and white, yet most people swear by the older Epsons. Having had two epsons in the past, one of which blocked like a *****, I'm wary of them especially if I have tyo use Lyson cartridges to keep cleaning heads (not cheap at all). Thoughts please, I'm really stuck on the horns of a dilemma on this one!

    Cheers, Lol

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    I've used an Epson 1160 and now an 1280 for b&w quadtones. I used the original Piezography ink, which clogged a bit, then the ones from MIS, which I had no problem with until I let it sit for a long time (both on the 1160), and now to the new Piezography iQuads (1280). I haven't tried the Lyson, but from the data I've seen, they don't have as good longevity. I can't find info if the HP has just a single grey or multiples.

    If you care about longevity, I would go with the Piezography inks. If you are more on a budget, then MIS. I don't know enough about the Lyson currently other than I discounted them back when I made the decision.

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