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Feb 21, 2009
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Left Coast, Canada
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Made these this afternoon with the help of a 5 year old who was more interested in sampling the ingredients than assembling "sheesh kabobs". Still, they got done, and they were quite delicious! I thought I'd attempt photographing a couple and see how I faired. Any thoughts, critiques, areas for improvement? :) I found it very hard to not overexpose those marshmallows, and didn't quite manage it in the first pic.



Maybe an additional light would have helped? From the opposite side of the window?
That said, I don't find the marshmellows are too blown, and I like the first best of all. In your attempt not to overexpose the marshmellow, your second pic become too dark...
... and the narrow DOF in the last and the select focus on ... whatever it is ... erm ... evokes a kind of sick feeling in my stomach ... too close. Too funny looking... sorry. :pale:
(That's just me not liking sweets, other than fruit, so send me the strawberries at any time! :D)
OOOHHH!! i was to quick to read the title, i read it as delicious desert. i love desert.

The desert is pretty cool, too. But the last time I tasted the desert it wasn't very delicious... okay I haven't ever tasted the desert I'm just guessing. :lol:

Thanks for the feedback, LaFoto. I think when I try this again I might have another light opposite the window as you suggest, but I don't want to lose the directional light the window was giving me. I liked the shadows it created. But I do see that these are underexposed (in an attempt to keep the marshmallows from glowing too much) and possibly an extra light on the subject would have helped that. I really wish I had not caught the top end of that marshmallow with chocolate right in the front of that last picture, all my attemps to crop it out failed so it stayed. :( Live and learn!
Nice! I agree that more light is needed in the first one (the shadows dont do much for the picture), but I think the 2nd (close up) is perfect.

Nice work, nonetheless.
OOOHHH!! i was to quick to read the title, i read it as delicious desert. i love desert.

haha, me too :lol:

I like #2. I think it looks the best out of those three here. You could try increasing the brightness and saturation.

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