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    10 would like to welcome Depositphotos as our newest Supporting Vendor!

    Please take a moment to visit their website at the following URL:

    DepositPhotos: Royalty Free Stock Photos

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    DepositPhotos is being in accumulating state and welcome photographs and illustrators for cooperation. Therefore Start a special Promotion Program for Photographers.
    To take part in the Photographers Promotion Program it is required to pass the exam and then perform activation in the Promotion tab. After that, money will be added to the account for each accepted image. Info: DepositPhotos: Royalty Free Stock Photos

    The nearest plans cover launch of other language versions of the site and actions for customer attraction. Expansion of upload ways is announced.

    • The promotion program - $0.20 per each accepted image (on 500 images);
    • Convenient uploading and attributing, autofeeling by the previous attributed file. Mass autofeeling (to a file group), as well as piece;
    • Author commissions is 44 to 60%;
    • Cash request is starting from $50. Money received upon the promotion program may be ordered without any limitations;
    • Money transfer systems are PayPal, Moneybookers, Webmoney;
    • Detailed statistics of image sales and views;
    • Photo upload process and intuitive user interface is simpler than ever to use, making it quick and easy to offer images for sale;
    Customer offers:
    A unique tool set for purchasing maximizes customer audience:
    • Credits;
    • Subscription;
    • SMS-payments;
    • The on-going offer "a second image as a gift" (moreover, authors of bonus images receive royalty like for a general purchase).
    All Buyers of DepositPhotos during Buying an Image by Credits receives a Gift –
    the Second Image Free of charge!

    The photobank features:
    • There is a symbolic exam of 5 images;
    • At registration, a document proving identity (a domestic or foreign passport, driving license etc.);
    • A free bonus image for a piece purchase; moreover, both the author of the sold and bonus image receive the royalty;
    • Separate registration for authors and customers;
    • The royalty size depends on the quantity of sold images.
    DepositPhotos is all about giving image buyers and sellers the best deal on the net!
    So whether you’re looking for a new place to showcase and sell your photos and images, or whether you’re looking for a new resource to buy them, you’ll find to be a cut above the rest!

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