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Aug 8, 2009
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So I read the manual and it says that you should be able to view the DoF of the picture while pressing this button. So I compose a picture with a shallow DoF, then press the DoF preview button. Nothing in the viewfinder changes. I'm not sure if I am doing this right but I cannot get it figured out. Does anyone use it?
DoF preview engages the aperture, which is always wide open till you hit the shutter button. It's effects are more apparent when you are at a smaller aperture. You won't see much effect if you're shooting wide open.

Try it. Flip to f/22 and press the DoF preview, flip back to wide open....
It might be easier to see using liveview as well. I use it a lot when using a Tilt-Shift lens to get the DoF exactly where I want it.
Typically the image in the view finder gets darker. I am not familar with the Nikon cameras, so I cannot help you there. What were you pointing toward when you tried this?
Good question! Was wondering the exact same thing. Going to have to try at higher apature
BJ nailed it.
"To preview the effects of aperture, press and hold the depth-of-field button. The lens will be stopped down to the aperture value selected by the camera (modes P and S) or the value chosen by the user (modes A and M), allowing depth of field to be previewed in the viewfinder."

But Bitter hit it on the head. The smaller the aperture, the greater the change is noticable.
You can also use this when reversing a lens for macro since a lens will default to its widest opening. You set the fstop, engage dof preview, remove lens while holding button, aperture stays at chosen fstop while you reverse the lens. Aperture will reset when lens is attached normally again.

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