Desert Home (Arizona)


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Dec 11, 2012
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I took this picture with my iPhone, I took some others with my Canon T3i but I haven't uploaded them or edited them yet. I am uploading this from my phone. CC appreciated.


Camera: iPhone 4s
Edited with: Snapseed iPhone app
Decent composition (minus the very distracting cactus sticking up behind the wall on the left and other such odds and ends)

Over saturated.

Overly grainy, considering this was broad daylight. Shouldn't be any grain in such lighting (dunno if you can choose ISO on your iphone, though)
I like the arch and wall, not liking the bush in front. The light is good.

If I may suggest; do this again, only walk to the left some to minimize the bush. Can you also minimize the house in the background?

If you intended to make the background house the principal subject, then you need to get closer, and skip the wall.
I agree with most above. It's possible that all this pic needs is a different angle. Move 50' to the left and focus on the arch?

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