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    I am a student, studying in my final year for a Product Design and Manufacture Meng degree and have set my self a design project to "Create Innovation in Photography". My core competencies are in mechanical and manufacturing engineering and ergonomics though I have a relatively good knowledge of physics and electrical systems.

    I am at a very early stage of development so want to keep my post open to interpretation. Below is a preliminary brief I have set my self:

    To design a piece of hardware (camera or accessory) which the user can interact with in order to push the boundries of photography, exploring where and how photos can be taken and what equipment can be used to enhance a shot.

    I'm looking at all areas of photography at this stage from amateur through to professional as well as in different industries (Commercial, Engineering, Crime scene investigation, Sports....etc)

    I want to make sure I am not just "Designing a box" with a load of clever electronics inside. I want to create value with physical features (e.g. the gorilla pod from joby or the "lensbaby" lenses)

    I am looking for general issues users have with photography as well as problems in specific senarios and suggestions to what people would like to take photos of but cant using their equipment.

    Thanks for your help


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