Destination Unknown


Mental case
Dec 14, 2003
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F@cking Hell
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Really really not sure about this image.Something is missing ... I was not gonna post it, but...
JonK said:
train is missing :er: :lol:
actually i really like it chiller....nice tones, nice contrast and composition...jus needs a tilt to it ;)

I agree, but deffo nice shot!!
JonK said:
....nice tones, nice contrast and composition...

I agree with JonK. I quite like this shot, with the tracks taking the viewer to the unknown.
nice, I love the exposure... composition is nice too.........
Good tones here chiller, i like it too :thumbup:
Very simple and effective! i love the tones and the contrast :D
neat shot Carl :thumbsup:
Are you kidding me?? I love this! I *might* be tempted to crop a bit off the bottom, but aside from that nitpick, I've nothing negative to say.

What I really like is that black along the top that the tracks vanish into. :thumbup: It looks great. Nice, texture-y image.
hobbes28 said:
I agree completely. Lower perspective would make it move from great to awesome. :D

I agree, too. I love shots like this, with tracks or roads or trails running off into the distance.

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