developing slide film- pro lab vs ordinary?

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by ckshen, May 18, 2005.

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    hi, i just shot my first roll of slide. now i am looking for a place to get it developed. the ordinary place like drugstores, etc send the slide films out to somewhere else to develop them.

    the question is, if i want to get it handled and developed in a proper manner, does it matter whether i send the film to those places (who normally handle print film in a not so brilliant manner, but since they send it out its not like they do it themselves) or whether i should specifically seek out a place that does slide film development inhouse (presumably a pro place)?

    thanks! i live in the peninsula in the bay area (mountain view). if anyone has a suggestion about where to go that will be great too. thanks.

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    Places that offer "1 hour E6 process" can be just as much a crap shoot as any other lab. I have 2 in town: one I'll never go back to and the other does an outstanding job for a great price.

    My last roll I dropped off at a place I knew would send it out, and I had to wait a few days, and they were also fine. Slide film is generally no problem. I've had a few dozen rolls developed over the last year or so, and the ONE time I went to the crappy place I mentioned was the only time I had questionable results.

    If you find a place that does a good job and the price is reasonable, stick with it! :thumbup:
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    Does it matter? Yeah... especially if color is critical. A pro lab will have more stringent controls. Normal service is typically 3-4 hours and cost should be just under $10.00/roll for 35mm in mounts.

    I found these folks on the web:

    Good luck!

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    I would be very careful with any lab that sends your films away. Most mass developing labs will splice numerous films together having twin-checked them.

    Films get lost, misdirected etc.

    I would find a local developer (proshop or similar) that can do it on site and is capable of clip-tests and pushing and pulling accordingly

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