Diamond HC-900 Linear Camera Track Dolly Slider for Photography Red

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Nov 4, 2009
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1. Exquisite appearance design to show your good taste.
2. The essential accessories idler wheel and slider are made of high quality material which prolong the service life to 10 years.
3. Integrated smooth platform design with self-clear and dust-proof functions, no connected screw is visible.
4. The laser engraving marks will never fall off and they can be customised as needed.
5. The combination of unique precise marks and indicators accurately controls displacement distance.
6. Super-high loading capacity, ideal for many kinds of professional vidicons and DSLR cameras.
7. Elastic rubber is installed at both ends of the slider, performing crashproof and buffering functions.
8. Each part is manufactured with advanced processing technology. All fixed screws made of 304 stainless steel material will never rust.
9. With the rotatable and retracted tripod, it can rotate, retract or stretch to any angle within the range of 90 degree.
10.Special fixing and locking design for easy operation. The resistance can be adjusted according to the weight of the machine.

Price: US$ 200.99

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