Triopo TR-960 Flash Speedlite For Canon Nikon DSLR Camera

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Nov 4, 2009
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*TR series: High performance, high compatibility, high-power flash output.
*Increase the external power outlet: TR series adds an external power outlet; call back the higher rate to meet your needs.
*Quick call back: Full output only 2.9 seconds recycle time, do not apply the new battery can also call back to obtain a rapid rate, only 4-5 seconds.
*Support high-speed continuous shooting: 1/16 and below the brightness, TR series to support high-speed continuous shooting 12SEPS.
*Power-saving mode: When the flash without any action on the backlight turned off after 20 seconds, 60 seconds when the flash does not work, CPU automatically goes to sleep does not work more than 30 minutes, CPU will automatically shut down.
*High-precision output: From 1/128 to 1/1, 8 stalls to lose, each stall have two fine-tuning compensation.
*Overheat protection: Built-temperature detection (thermal protection)

Price: US$ 50.83

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