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Jun 22, 2011
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Lincoln, England
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I had an all day shoot last weekend with 7 belly dancers. This is one of the 2,300+ shots; just a quick processing job 'cos I couldn't wait to share something. I haven't got to the end of the first cull yet but I'm really pleased with the results. One of my 3 strobes started pouring smoke about two thirds of the way through the day but I managed to get through the rest with just 2, though these will require a little more post work.
C&C are always welcome.

The lines and the smile and the hands. Beautifully done.

Sorry about losing the magic black smoke from inside your strobe.:( Was this shot taken after the incident? Because it looks like you were rocking it with 2 lights.
This was an after the incident shot, thus I had to do some dodging on the background... but not as much as I anticipated. :)
Nice pose, great lines and a well put together image. Considering you ended up facing some technical challenges that will always add some stress to the shoot, it looks like you handled it well.

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