different crops on the same pose


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Aug 26, 2010
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A. What do you think of the photo (pose, coloring, lighting, ect.)?

B. Which crop would work best?

1. Cropped so subject is in bottom right hand corner.


2. Cropped so subject is in bottom left hand corner.


3. Cropped with a little more of the rock ledge showing in front of the subject and a little less background at the top of her head.


4. Cropped tight.

5. Is this better?

Of the originals, I like the first one best, as it's got a LITTLE room to crop the top if needed for print, but as others mentioned, they do seem to tightly cropped. The re-do is definitely nicer.
I like the first crop best. I think that you need a little more cropped from the top though and just a tiny bit more on the bottom. Her arm is so close to the frame edge it bugs me, but then again, I am OCD.

I also agree that your camera angle/level could have been changed slightly.
Christy photo, I can't see the picture that you edited for me. It is just a little blue and white question mark for some reason. I wish I could see it.
#5 is better than any of the earlier ones, which were all too-tightly framed.

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