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Nov 9, 2007
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he hates digital world ,
all those digital cams took away the real fun of film photography so now he has a small store with lots of his love ones ,
the film cameras .

my favorite aspect of this picture is the cigarette he's smoking...
he smokes alot i dont even know why ,
but his still holding my camera and trying to fix something in her lens :O
good expression
and good light ...
You'd never see this shot in England, we've had a smokin' ban in public places.

Great shot! Full of character!
WE ALSO have this new law who ban smoking in public places ,
but its his store + theres not many people who realy come into his store
hehe, just don't use the pic as evidence ;)
Best picture ive seen today..but then again my opinion may be a bit bias because i happen to also use the same camera he is fixing ;) haha anyway nice shot i think u got the exposure just right not to dark in the back ground and not too much light on his shirt..good stuff
the camera his holding is actually mine :)

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