digital camera with analog functionality ???

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by explody pup, May 19, 2004.

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    This is more of an interest question than actually looking for something to buy. I've been reading up on the Leica Digilux2 and I love it... well, except for the rangefinder and 5MP resolution. It's more the control that I love, as well as the lack of superfluous (IMO) features such as color correction and other types of editing (I'll do that on my computer so why pay for something I'd never use?).

    Does anyone here know of any digital SLR's that don't require a lot of menu diving and don't have a bunch of features that are better served by a computer with PS? All I want is a high resolution sensor and physical controls. There's the Leica R8/9 with the digital back they're comming out with. That would be a pretty heafty investment, though.

    Or am I living in dreamland?

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    Well the digilux 2 may only have 5mp but it's got a bigger sensor than the consumer digicams on the market. Regardless, it's a Leica so it's overpriced for what it does...

    If you're interested in great control with useful features, I would suggest the D70. Uses the same lens mount as the SLR's and you can even use old manual focus lenses on it (without metering in M mode only)

    You also have the digital rebel which is missing a lot of features. but the images are quite striking (although a bit "digital" looking for my tastes)

    A much more expensive option that is what you're really looking for is to move up to a medium format system with a digital back. Sinar makes a 22 megapixel back for $15k I think the kodak 16 megapixel is down to $7-8k

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