Digital kid looking for an SLR.


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Jun 25, 2003
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I have been shooting digital for quite a while.. I specialize in concert photography. (Digital is support conveniant for that)

But I long for film, and I want to purchase a decent SLR. If you can suggest some models for me, keep in mind that I am a student so on somewhat of a budget. So if you can share any info that you have that would be great.

nikon is very user friendly and on the "budget friendly" side. Although there are alot of people that like pentax here... its really up to you and how much$$$ you have.

cool... to be honest. I seem to be leaning towards a canon because I long for one of the Canon 10D DSLRs and I don't want to buy two sets of lenses.

Does anyoone have any experience with the Rebel line? The Ti or the 2000
or should I save my money for an Elan?
I agree with MDowdey. I have a minolta, but a buddy of mine has a nice heavy Nikon. It is a great camera. I would keep my buget small for an slr.... even more so for my 1st one. I would also buy a 50mm fixed focal length lens (it will most likly come with a 30-70mm or somthing like that)

the 50mm will be a much faster lense.

good luck.... hope I can help seem to be on the right track, thinking ahead in terms of lenses

Remember that - whatever you purchase - it's a "system" you buy into

I use the Nikon system myself, but Canon is also a fine system

In the final analysis, your camera is just a light proof box ... lenses (and, to a certain extent, accessories) are the all important part

Shop around, play with different cameras - then choose what feels intuitive in your hands

Happy shopping!



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