Digital Montage From Montreal To Italy

It is a strange situation. I know her - we're members of the same photo club. Some of the members love her, some hate her. Of the images that she supposedly pirated, I have never seen any of them in our exhibitions, workshops or presentations. Of the photography that she does do (bourdoir, photo-montages), we've had a number of members who took the images with her, of the same models. She had shown us her workflow, from raw image to final version. I've seen the actual flowers and other objects in her kitchen that she took images of, so I know THOSE are real. The person that is depicted in the various blogs is not at all the person that I thought we knew. I wonder if she will show up on Monday at the club's annual General assembly and excuse to party... I do know that in a club of 150 people, I'm not the only one who visits photo forums. It could be interesting.
The top photo in this post here at TPF is one of the shots ID'd as a potential theft.

Mods/Admins should probably delete her posts here. No way to know if anything is hers and it violates forum rules if it isn't.
Wow, we must have the same model of telephoto. I got one just like that too! Who woulda thunk it is possible to have two different people take the exact same picture? And mine was taken decades ago. But apparently it is!
In the words of the great late Jed Clampett: "Boy, I'm gonna give you 24 hours to clean up all this mess."

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