Digital Zoom Camera with built in FTP client...Do they exist?

How do you transfer images from your digital camera to your PC?

  • USB cable

  • Remove memory card from camera, insert into PC

  • WiFi smartphone/tablet app

  • Camera's native social network sharing app

  • I don't transfer to my PC

  • Camera's native FTP client

  • Other

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Nov 29, 2015
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My smartphone has the ability to upload pictures via FTP. This is a nice feature for evaluation and processing of images on my computer.

I purchased a Nikon Coolpix L840 thinking that its built in WiFi capability would do the same. It doesn't. The camera's WiFi only allows you to get images from an smart phone or tablet, using the Nikon app. It really sucks, because it compresses the images to make them smaller so they transmit faster. I don't want my 16MP images compressed.

Does anyone know if a digital camera with an optical zoom lens that has a built in FTP client so images can be FTP'd directly from the camera to an FTP server? I already have an FTP server running on my PC.

Basically, I want to transfer files directly to my computer wirelessly without compressing them and without having to go through an intermediate step, such as a smart phone or a cloud storage solution.
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I'm not familiar with any except the Samsung Galaxy cameras which run the Android OS.
Some Samsung camera's like the WB2200F can send the pictures directly to
a cloud server like Dropbox. This could be a way to put the pictures
on a pc. I have no experience with it, so I don't know how well it works.

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