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Aug 16, 2010
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My name is Robin and I've registered for this forum hoping you can help me out.
In January i'm planning to go to indonesia for a couple of months. My main reason for the trip is to get to know a place completely different from where I live (in Amsterdam, Holland that is), but besides that I hope to make loads of nice photo's. I mostly want to make nature/landscape and portrait pictures.
In the months before I leave, I'm going to save up some money and buy me some lenses. I myself own a Sony Alpha 300 with the standard 18-70 kitlens. The lenses I'm planning to buy are a 50mm portrait lens (probably f/1.4), a standard zoom (something like 16-85mm) and a telezoom lens (70-200/300).
My dad however owns a canon eos 450d, also with the kitlens (18-55), and told me I could borrow his camera as he barely uses it himself.
After my traveling I'm going to upgrade my camera. I've been checking out canon's 50d and 7d (800 and 1200 euro's) (i really like the videofunction on the 7d). But, I'm not sure if I should make the switch to canon.

So my dilemma with which I hope you can help me is:
Should i buy me some Sony lenses, take my alpha 300 with me and when I come back buy me a more expensive alpha, or, should I take my dad's canon, buy some canon lenses and later on get me a 50d or 7d?

What are the main differences between Sony and Canon (price, quality etc.)? And between lenses and other equipment like flashes? Or is it just a matter of taste?

Just so you know, it won't be a problem to get used to canon as i've used them before and I must say i'm not really 'in love' with the way sony works.

Thanks in advance!
Since I only speak Nikon, I can't really comment on the adavantages of either system with respect to your stated purpose, however, having worked a bit in that part of the world, I will say that what you NEED are weather-sealed bodies and lenses (Read: High-end, pro gear), rain-gear for all your bodies and lenses, a good tripod and a waterproof bag. There are some amazing photo opportunities during the rains (which can be frequent and intense) and even the best gear will come to grief if not adequately protected.
Do you have some examples of water-sealed bodies and lenses? I'm aware of the necessary equipment but as far as I know most 'safety' gear isn't brand-bound (of you know what i mean)
Again, I can only speak for Nikon; bodies such as the D200 and higher, and lenses like the 24-70 2.8. In Canon, I believe you're talking 5D and 'L' glass, but I'm sure there are Canonites who can confirm, and as for Sony? Not a clue.

"Rain gear" isn't brand-specific; I use Kata covers for my bodies and lenses. I would also keep in your bag several small plastic garbage bags/bin-liners to use if you need put gear down on wet ground etc.
won't the raincovers like the one you pointed out protect a lower end body enough? i can see why you need the higher end lenses as those are still exposed to the rain and air
The rain covers keep the rain off, but don't forget you're going to be in an area where humidity levels in the 95-100% range are the norm. As well, after it rains, EVERYTHING is wet for an hour or two; the Kata covers keep things dry, but they're annoying to have on if you don't need them. A weather-sealed body will allow you the freedom to shoot in more humid/moist conditions without as much worry.

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