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Dec 10, 2007
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I'm after a direct photo printer - for quick family prints. I quite liked the new Canon Selphy products but stopped short of buying one when I realised there are limitations...

Issues so far:

Print durability
Print resolution
Cost per print
Print media size/weight
Ink/dye type

What are your recommendations?

(I hope this inquiry is not out of place here. I did try a search and didn't turn anything up)
When you say direct photo printer, are you referring to the "direct to garment printer"? We have one, a Fast Tee-Jet. Cost a fortune to buy, got very poor support, and is now in a heap in a back room. It has not made a penny for us. At a cost of over 11K to purchase, it has cost us another 2K in parts and supplies and does not work at all now. After the warranty ran out, no parts and no support. Support would lead us through this and that fix, that never worked. It sat at the factory for months. When the warranty ran out, they sent it back and dropped us like a hot rock. The company has made several models of this printer. As each new model comes out to fix know issues, the parts dri up for the old ones, as does any support you thought you may have had. Am I sour? Hell yes! If this is what you are looking for, wait a few years until the technology shakes out.
Sorry, no, just amateur photo printing equipment - compact:


A bit lower down the price scale than your pro equipment...

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