Disposable digital cameras????

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by Synergy, Sep 9, 2003.

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    Found this article rather interesting about the up take of digital disposable
    Cameras, which seems a pointless product given that you have to send it off to have
    Prints done….just like a disposable film cam. It has none of the benefits a digital cam gives you like previews, re-usability, connectivity to a PC and of course I just hate chucking something in the bin, I hope they recycle the cams. I was also interested that they consider the virtual demise of film by 2008 ! I’ll stop using film when a digital cam can do a 20 minute exposure with no background noise at room temperature!


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    Yes, digital disposable dose seems pointless. In the US they are marketing film disposable with photo CD now.

    As for recycling disposable, this is being done now.

    About the demise of film they are talking about the mass-market consumer

    At the same time the report states that disposable film camera sales have increase by 10% this year, I recall reading other and older article about disposable film camera with the same 10% rate per year
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    I think it's a great idea. Right now the labs save the film disposables after use, and they have to be shipped back to some factory to be recycled. Many are probably never recycled.

    With digital there should be no reason why the guy behind the counter couldn't clear the memory, spray on a little disinfectant, even slap on a new label sticker if neccessary, and hang it back on the rack.

    Why would people use a "disposable" digital camera without all the advantages of a real digital camera? I don't know; why would anyone use a disposable film camera? For the price of a few of the disposables, anyone can get a decent glass lens point-n-shoot with a few features. But people still buy them. Sometimes I think it's because many people don't feel like their photography is deserving of a "real" camera.

    Digital will capture the snapshot market. It's cheaper all around. Some people are even predicting that cell phone cameras will be the demise of the point-n-shoot. I can see it.

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