Do any of you...


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Oct 16, 2008
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...who are learning to grasp the settings
on your camera take a picture in one
of the auto modes, then see what the settings
are, and switch to A or manual ect. and duplicate
the settings with an adjustment here or there
to familiarize yourself with the workings of the
the camera while getting away from using auto settings?
Seems this would be a good way to learn what
the camera is doing.
Thank's for any input.
Absolutely! I fear I may never get the hang of it. I'm so new to photography that if I didn't "auto guess" all my pictures would be truly in black or white (and not in a good way).

That's not to say I don't experiment on my own either. The best thing I love about this new hobby is it is so creative. I spent hours painting with light for my entry into the first boxer turtle competition. Setting up in my cramped bathroom with the lights out and a purple led flashlight from a CSI board game. I loved the results that came from me just winging it.

My aim is at the end of four months to be able to judge for myself what the settings might be for all but the trickiest conditions. (and in turn reassure the family I don't have a major problem because I spent 2 hours in the bathroom muttering to myself ) :sillysmi:
Yes...particularly the sunset mode. I wanted to know what settings the camera used to try to make the sky pop...can't remember what those were though!
I started really learning to shoot in manual by asking my wife what my settings should be in general for different lighting scenarios. I would then tweak my shutter speed or aperture to make the shot come out how I wanted it.
I tend to do try and estimate what it should be and shoot it in full manual first, then if as it usually isn't that close i swing to apature or shutter priority depending on what i'm shooting and see what the cam does for the remaining. If I still don't get what i want i copy those into manual and then start playing around trying to attain my goal.
Most of my issues are lighting with the flash and trying to figure out power and zoom levels, but i'm still new to off camera lighting so there is a lot of trial and error...
Thank's all.:thumbup:
I don't think I ever shot in Auto mode yet. I'll usually take a picture in Shutter or Aperature priority. I'll take a pic look at it and then adjust from there. I should try auto mode once.

You should be able to use all the settings on your camera.......

There isn't any right or wrong way to use it... the end result is what you are after.. In many instances the camera is more capable of producing a properly exposed photograph than a lot of users can do by themselves..

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