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Feb 4, 2012
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Hello, thephotoforum. I am DustyBeaver :D. I thought about doing and introduction post in the new members section but I'm no good at small talk.

I've been messing around with my camera for about a year and looking back at my photos I feel like they are a bit boring and uninteresting.

These are some of what I consider the best photos I've taken and I'd like to know if they are any good and how I could make them better.


I used a torch to iluminate the cave.


Cat was in a zoo. Walking in circles :meh:.


The window was dirty and a bit frosted so it's not very sharp.



That's the Queen Mary 2. I have no idea what that man was doing.

All shot with the EF-S 15-85mm and a canon 7D. Hopefully at least one of them is good ;).
Welcome to the forum. I like them! I like #1 because it almost looks like an animals face sketched into the surface. #2 like the shot he just looks like he got under too much shade lol. I just like #4 the colors look amazing. At least on my iPhone!
The Cougar can be dramatically improved with a little work. Here's a start:

I would never had known that #1 was a cave had you not mentioned it. It's an interesting concept but I couldn't figure out what I was looking at.
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Editing can surely make the subject pop.
OK, not good at small talk here either so:

#1 - good concept, but I don't know what to look at,
#2 cougar was there, you were there - nothing
#3 airplane was there, you were there
#4 water rocks, wide angle - ok

#5 is where everything gets redeemed and none of the others counted.
I think this is just great
you saw the curve and the man on the little platform, you exposed it well and cropped it just right so that the arc of the curve points to the corner, lovely blushing color in the sky, all just splendid.
The only suggestion I have is to lighten up the man, the platform and the windows a bit to give them more prominence.
Totally terrific picture.

Now post more and welcome to TPF


On the QE2 shot, I'd crop most of the left side off for a pretty nicely composed image.
:sexywink:Just a little...and then I'd amp up that black hull too...and of course, lighten the guy.
Thank you all for the feedback. :D
I'll get working on the improvements and post them asap.

Also, this is the last photo without any cropping:


Maybe I should include the top 2 windows above the rails to make the ship look taller but i'm not sure.
#1 - Not bad. It's hard to make cave photos really interesting, if there is no other subject but the cave.

#2 - Good shot of the puma!

#3 - A pretty picture. Not outstanding though; it's hard to really do well through double pane plane windows. ;)

#4 - I quite like this one. The colors seem to be a bit over-boosted, but it looks nice. It is a matter of taste, whether a shot like this should look more natural, at the risk of being a bit flat, or boosted, so that it is more visually striking.

#5 - I like this one a lot. Nice job. I think the original is the one to keep here, as the tiny guy makes the ship look even more massive.
Now that I see it bigger, I really like #1. I think you could crop the cave floor out, leave it a nice long, almost pano crop, for a rather interesting abstract.
It is (seen larger) an image I wandered around in for a bit. I had to explore it, and to me that's not a bad thing.

I still stand by my crop suggestion for the QM2. Yes, pretty color dead space, just a supporting character in this play, needs better balance.
(of course, that's my opinion, based on my sensibility)

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