"Dodi" the Israeli cat

Jacob Ben Avraham

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Jan 1, 2015
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Shalom, I'm "Dodi" (the "beloved" of my family)
I live in the city of Ashdod, in Israel, it used to belong to the Philistines, now it's MY turf! I belong to Mr. and Mrs. Davidov, They treat me like royalty. Like, just laying around, resting on this swinging patio sofa, eating kosher fish and potted meats, no need to worry about "kelevim" (dogs), no mice to chase (can't have everything). It's a beautiful view from here, I'm on the 14th floor of an apartment complex, overlooking the city and the ocean. But NO, I'm NOT going to jump up on the wall, like some stupid kitties might do. It's like a long way down, 14 floors down, and I don't care what they say, cats don't have 9 lives, One false footing, one slip, one fall, and "lights out kitty" I'll look like a squashed falafel sandwich. Jacob came by and snapped a pic of me, poor rabbi, just has a simple Wal-Mart disposable camera, Oh well, better than no camera at all. So, shalom to you all, I'm glad I wasn't born "feral" (chatul-rehov)
(a street-cat)
Nice to meet you Dodi. The Rabbi is keeping it simple, like your life.

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Shalom JC,
Looks like you're a cat like me, hey, the rabbi told me that he has a box full of "ancient" cameras, he'd be willing to trade for a modern digital one, if you have a used one you could spare, you'd make him happy, some silly dog told him to "take the box of ancient cameras, put them in a fishing net and use it as a boat anchor" can you imagine that? fasting time now, no food until tomorrow evening, it's "Yom Kippur Eve" if the Davidovs fast, so do I, it's kind of a family thing....................Dodi
I can give you this one. I used it for a few years. It is not modern but has a great lens and if you read the manual, it takes very nice pictures. I might even still have the box. It's in excellent condition. Comes with everything you need, including SD cards. PM me your address and its yours. It's small and light, nice little camera, see review at bottom. Great macro shooting too, nice zoom.




Sony Cyber-shot H2 Review: Digital Photography Review

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I can offer a small Mitzvah as well, if you are interested.
I have a Samsung WB150f point and shoot camera you can have.
built in wifi (you can email photos or send to computer or smart phone right from the camera if you are connected to wifi)
14MP camera, 18x zoom (24-434 equivalent)
built in image stabilization.
its a pretty decent little camera. jpeg only though (doesn't shoot raw).
shoots decent video too.
I have not used it much since getting a nikon1 DSLR, so you are welcome to it if it means the camera will get some use again.



Your cat looks clean and healthy, but the on-camera flash has made the light very harsh. There are certain "tricks" one can use to get the light coming from one side or the other. Two homemade reflectors that reflect the flash away from the camera and then back again from a different angle will improve shots such as this.

Get a white card or reflective foil near the built-in flash. Aim the light toward a large white card or paper. Aim that larger reflector toward the cat. (someone can hold it for you)
Thank you for your replies and comments, Thaks Pixmedic and JC, I would love to get those cameras, I will use them both, get back into photography, When I was in the Army, I took "re-enlistment photos and developed them in the photo-shop at Fort Lee, (black and white) that was back in the 1970s, I owned a Yashica, Went the High school and took a photography class, I owned a "Brownie" with the pop-in flash (one time use) My biological father taught photography at Martin Van Buren High school in the 70s, in NYC. I send my address here in Texas to your "profile pages" guys,(for privacy) thanks a lot again "Pixmedic" and "JC" looking forward to getting the cameras

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