Praise and worship in Ashdod, Israel

Jacob Ben Avraham

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Jan 1, 2015
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A Sabbath gathering on the 14th floor Apt of a family in Ashdod, This is where "Dodi" the Israeli cat lives. but usually hides when there are a lot of people around. A lot of praise, singing, teaching, and food. This was on the 4th of July, 2015. Taken with my Wal-Mart disposable camera (with auto-flash turned on)
While it may be that the woman is singularly unattractive it still seems a shame that you photographed her with a flag covering her face. I do think it would be an interesting project to see what kind of photography you can get out of disposable cameras. I guess you can still get them developed? Anyway at the very least I think you owe us some images of "Dodi" the Israeli cat when she comes out of hiding.
This site concentrates on the art of photography rather than casual pictures of where you happen to be.
This image is done without any attention to any of the basics of this art and you don't seem to be interested in improving your work.
Perhaps you might be posting in the "just for fun" gallery.
An interesting snapshot giving us, the viewer, an insight to life in Israel. Is it usual to have such paraphernalia of state as the national flag here represents at such gatherings? Does it symbolize some patriotic sentiment or show of strength? Is the date this photo was taken significant or simply coincidentally the day on which Americans celebrate their independence? I ask because there seems to be a second flag hidden behind the Israeli one, which might be adorned with stripes (and stars).
Thank you for your reply, to answer your question, the showing of the flags, both the Israeli flag and the American flag behind it, symbolize, Yes, strength as nations, and "liberation" as two nations, the first, Israel, who broke loose from slavery in Egypt, to become a "nation of a United people" at Sinai, and the Unites States, who broke loose from slavery to England, in 1776, That was the theme of my Sabbath message on that day at our friend's place.
"Dodi" the Israeli cat can be seen in the "General Photography gallery" it is the 29th photo from the top

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