DOES Anyone Know Where/How to Buy a 3d PHOTO Printer for my 3D Camera?


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Jul 23, 2013
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I've been looking in vain to find a regular printer that can print 3D photos for my ill conceived 3d camera. There were not too long ago, many products with 3D photo/video taking capability. But I've never seen a printer that will print it. There are only companies who will print your images for you and its very expensive. Even if anyone knows of software that will convert my image in a way it can be printed with a regular printer, I'd be happy to know that. Thanks, CC
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I have a Fuji W3 3D and I've yet to see a printer for it. I have an Apetek 3D LCD frame, but beyond that the only solution I've come across is to send the files to Fuji and have them printed or send them to a specialist lab that will charge a lot more. It doesn't really matter to me as we use it for 3D video. . . . .
I also have the Fuji W3 3D camera, and a few 3D film cameras as well. I bought a monitor capable of 3D viewing with shutter type glasses from NVIDIA, and it works fabulously for viewing the images in full color, size and detail. But printing is another matter entirely.

The closest you're going to get with home printing of 3D is to convert them to 3D anaglyph (red and cyan - viewed with corresponding red/cyan 3D glasses), and print them out that way, then view them with 3D glasses. I saw pairs of those 3D glasses just the other day at a Dollar General for a buck each.
I always thought you had to print 2 photos and use a special viewed there are a few membera at our club that belong to a 3d photo club

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